Who and Why:
    BlissBaby 'was born' in Perth, Western Australia on July 3rd 2020. 
    It's a family business that started after countless sleepless nights due to my son's belly pain and my daughter's congested nose.
      It can be heartbreaking to see a newborn struggle for hours in discomfort. And on the other hand there are not many more heartwarming sights than a little baby sleeping peacefully.
      It seems that most new parents are sleep deprived due to their babies not sleeping well, so I started looking for solutions and found them. It took a few years to start BlissBaby.
          The first 2 BlissBaby products, the Lufti Colic Reliever and the Nosy Nasal Aspirator, were developed and designed in Australia and tested by Australian parents. 
          After getting approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Lufti and Nosy went on sale in Australia in January 2021 and in the UK in February 2021.
          In November 2021, a purple version of Lufti and the postnatal tea "The Blissful Blend" have joined the range of products. BlissBaby also started distributing Owen Homoeopathics for Mums and Babies.
              BlissBaby products are available in Australia online (at blissbaby.com.au, on amazon.com.au and on ebay.com.au) and in selected pharmacies in Western Australia.
              In the UK BlissBaby products are available online (at blissbaby.uk, on amazon.co.uk and ebay.co.uk).
              BlissBaby products are also available on amazon in the US and Singapore.
              BlissBaby's head office is located in Perth, Western Australia.
                What's next:
                  Given the immediate success of Lufti & Nosy and the Blissful Blend Postnatal Tea, the BlissBaby range will soon be extended to offer more products to soothe baby and help mums to relax......
                  BlissBaby will start online distribution in Germany and the rest of Europe from early 2022.
                  Furthermore BlissBaby will start distributing products in pharmacies all around Australia.
                  BlissBaby's vision is to become a leading international brand standing for natural products that help Babies and parents relax and get as much peaceful sleep as they like, so they stay healthy and happy.


                  Sascha Hentz - November 2021, Perth