Benefits of Baby Nasal Aspirators

Did you know that babies are "Essential Nasal Breathers"? This implies that all infants can only breathe through their noses in the starting few months. But their little bodies are so cleverly designed that they can do everything at the same time: eat, swallow and breathe. Yes! mother nature is astonishing.

But because of the small nasal passages, a small amount of mucus can cause nasal congestion, and this then interferes with all aspects of their life. A little mucus that blocks the small airways can make it very difficult for the baby to breathe, eat or sleep. And we all know that an unhappy baby can knock the whole family out.

Help your baby breathe better

Excess mucus occurs in a variety of forms and for different reasons, including fever, allergies, colds, or other viral infections. Clearing excess mucus from the baby's nose helps increase airflow and make breathing easier. A baby with a clear nose means a child who is easier to feed, resulting in less stress for the mother and a happier home for everybody.

In some cultures, mothers suck mucus directly from their baby's nose through their mouths..... but fortunately it's 2021 and there are various Nasal Aspirators available.

A Nasal Aspirator is a device you use to create suction and safely suck out mucus and clear your baby's nose so they can breathe without obstruction.

There are 2 main types of Nasal Aspirators: the classic bulb syringes and the more intricate aspirators that include tubing or are electrically powered.

All versions do the same job, but depending on a caretaker’s preference they’ll opt for one over the other.

Whilst Bulb Syringes were very popular in the 80s and 90s and are still sold today, the main disadvantage of bulb syringes is the fact there is apparently no effective method of sterilization and this can be dangerous for your babies health (see photo below).


Electric Nasal Aspirators have the disadvantage that the microscopic droplets from the infant's nose may eventually travel to the pump mechanism and cause contamination. The buildup of germs in the pump mechanism can be a health hazard. And unless you invest in a very expensive electric Nasal Aspirator, the suction is not strong enough and can't be adjusted.

Manual Nasal Aspirator like the BlissBaby Nosy are very simple to use. The end of the aspirator is placed onto the baby’s nose (not inside the nostril) and the end of the tube (equipped with a mouth piece) is placed between your lips. You then suck and observe how the mucus moves from baby's nose into the aspirator whilst a filter prevents mucus or bacterial transfer into your mouth.

We know, it sounds gross. But don't worry - the mucus is collected in a washable reservoir and a filter connects the reservoir to the tube. It’s clinically proven to trap not only the mucus but the associated germs as well.

Manual Nasal Aspirators have stronger and adjustable suction compared to electrical nasal aspirators. 

And they are very easy to clean. You just need to mix up some warm soapy water. Fill the aspirator with some of it and shake the water around to clean up the mucus still inside, before squeezing the water out again. Repeat several times or just place them in the dishwasher. 

BlissBaby Nosy Nasal Aspirator are made out of non toxic material that withstands boiling in water for an hour. 

The BlissBaby Nosy Nasal Aspirator is available on Amazon, ebay and at 

Another advantage of Nasal Aspirators in general is the fact it replaces the use of medication. Instead of first giving your baby Panadol or Nurofen for decongestion, try a Nasal Aspirator first.

It's the Organic decongestion for Babies.

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